Charles Ryder

I am an interdisciplinary arts professional specialising in design for the internet, promoting creativity through classic design and optimised technology.

Design for the modern world

My clients include artists and performers, composers and musicians, curators and collectors, poets and writers. 

I offer:

Prompt attention

Artistic sensibility

Technical expertise

A global perspective

Intelligence and finesse

Flexibility and affordability

Literacy in the arts and culture

Friendly response to project enquiries.

I have been creating websites for 18 years.

Many of my first sites are still going strong, evolving over time along with the internet.

My goal is to create distinctive, personalised websites dedicated to personal creativity, professional skills, artistic collaboration and cultural enterprise.

Piano tuner Tim Hendy is one of my original website customers. His website is founded on good user experience, reliable information, solid bookings, page one search results, and a bit of playfulness. It is a success.

Piano tuner Tim Hendy at the Cobbe Collection, Surrey
Tim Hendy at the Cobbe Collection, Surrey, England
Calum Storrie, mirror self portrait

Calum Storrie is an exhibition and museum designer based in London. He is a serious client with definitive tastes and standards for style, presentation, balance and narrative. When these things are known, a webmaster has an opportunity to focus on the craft of coding and the implementation of special features.

My friend Julie Marino is a New York playwright and storyteller. We are interested in exploring the pictorial potential of the web to make pages with a convincing sense of spatial depth. To create a sense of place in the browser.

We have created two websites. Welcome to the Caravanserai is Julie’s portfolio site, showcasing her plays and literary vignettes. The single page Synesthesia Radio Theatre is more experimental, a kind of podcast webpage mashup.

Julie Marino in DC

“I believe in the transformative power of storytelling. Since humans began to speak, storytelling has been how we discover, how we learn, how we understand, how we create and transcend. It’s how we construct our world and our selves.”

You can learn more about my clients and my approach to building websites on my page dedicated to practical advice for website owners.