websites: practical advice​

When setting up a website it is a good idea to know the fundamentals. Most people are aware of what sites should ‘look like’ and what they should ’do’.
Fewer understand how this happens.

A little foreknowledge helps you to create effective, user-friendly content that yields good search results and impressive performance.

As a bonus, you will enhance the workflow with your designer/developer.

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A selection of current projects.

international exhibition-as-live-art event
Tim Hendy Pianos Ltd
first-class piano tuning, maintenance and repair
Paul Reeves Music
composer of soundtrack, jazz, orchestral and new music
planning and organisational services for artists and cultural institutions.
Hair! Human Stories
a pop up exhibition which explores the extraordinary qualities and uses of human hair
Simon Klein
prolific artist and teacher
Julie Marino
playwright, storyteller
Calum Storrie
exhibition and museum designer based in London

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I offer:

Custom designed websites that communicate your stories and capabilities with clarity and style

Elegant, engaging design free of irrelevant and distracting on-trend tricks

Modern responsive site layouts that work on all devices

Semantically correct HTML

Careful attention to SEO and accessibility requirements

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