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Bespoke website, print and information design for artists, musicians and arts organisations.

You will find me enthusiastic, engaging and resourceful, a conscientous communicator with a great design background and an imaginative editorial outlook.

Here are selected previews of current projects, featuring a new 2-page poster site for playwright Julie Marino and a test layout for exhibition designer Calum Storrie’s home page update. Both projects include tons of custom CSS for backgrounds and typography.

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Works in Progress | Julie Marino

Julie and I decided to create a small, adventurous site with two principle aims: to promote Welcome to Paradise, her new play opening in New York in July, and to showcase her character sketches, stories and plays-in-the-making in The Writing Desk. For Welcome to Paradise we’ve used big stretchy backgrounds to lend atmosphere; The Writing Desk features fancy CSS for story layouts and typography.

Julie Marino

Welcome to Paradise

A play about time, trust, love and acceptance.

St. Sebastian is a sleepy little Caribbean island catering to bland suburban honeymooners and sedate folks whose wild party days are well behind them.

But unexpected and life-changing encounters can happen, even in this unlikeliest of places.

Welcome to Paradise, a play by Julie Marino, will premier this summer as part of the 2015 Thespis Theater Festival here in Manhattan.

Visit Paradise and The Writing Desk

Works in Progress | Calum Storrie

This is a test layout for Calum Storrie’s new home page, designed to exploit the creative potential of responsive website technology. Please note that this is a demonstration piece so the links do not go anywhere. Yet. But you can visit Calum’s site here.

Calum Storrie Ltd.

What Next?

This new front page is the start of a complete site redesign.
New pages coming soon.



Using code and stylesheets to weave a tapestry of information and ideas.
Highlights: Front page with full-size background image and the About page which people seem to like.

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