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THE ALDOBRANDINI WEDDING | Wikipedia. Image courtesy Period Paper LLC.

Charles Ryder

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Bespoke website, print and information design for artists, musicians and arts organisations.

You will find me enthusiastic, engaging and resourceful, a conscientous communicator with a great design background and an imaginative editorial outlook.

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Recent projects

Crispin Merrell

screen shot of new front page for Crispin Merrell with orchestra background image, navigation, biography and thumbnail links to other pages

Composer Crispin Merrell’s new three-page site with embedded videos featuring his inventive music for film and television. Visit Crispin’s site.

Calum Storrie

screen shot of new front page for Calum Storrie with archeology style banner drawing, text, and six thumbnail photos of exhibition design

Calum Storrie’s new home page, designed to exploit the creative potential of responsive website technology. Visit Calum’s site.

Julie Marino

Julie and I decided to create a small, adventurous site with two principle aims: to promote Welcome to Paradise, her new play presented in New York in July 2015, and to showcase her character sketches, stories and plays-in-the-making in The Writing Desk. For Welcome to Paradise we’ve used big stretched backgrounds to lend atmosphere; The Writing Desk features fancy CSS for story layouts and typography.

Julie Marino

Welcome to Paradise

A play about time, trust, love and acceptance.

St. Sebastian is a sleepy little Caribbean island catering to bland suburban honeymooners and sedate folks whose wild party days are well behind them.

But unexpected and life-changing encounters can happen, even in this unlikeliest of places.

Welcome to Paradise, a play by Julie Marino, had it’s premier as part of the 2015 Thespis Theater Festival here in Manhattan.

Visit Paradise and The Writing Desk

What Next?

This new front page is the start of a complete site redesign. New pages coming soon. Meanwhile please visit my archive pages (2007-2012).


Using code and stylesheets to weave a tapestry of information and ideas.
Highlights: Front page with full-size background image and the About page which people seem to like.

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